Dorian Glanville

2542 West 500 South Unit 6 · Springville, UT 84663 · (801) 427-4420 ·

I'm a API Quality Assurance Engineer working in Node.js and Postman. I love learning new skills to help better myself and my families quality of life. I strive to be a inspration and role model to my childeren and anyone around me.


API Quality Assurance Engineer

Henry Schein One

Started out as a Support Technician for Dentrix and EZDental (Dental Practice Management Software)(Windows based). Troubleshooting the program itself to training office staff.

I then moved onto support Viive (Dental Practice Management Software)(Macos based). I also was the sole SME for Viive before its End Of Life. I was in charge of training any new technicians on the Viive product and the processes to follow. I hosted training sessions with product trainers. I handled in and outbound calls dealing with simple how-to questions to database/program issues and all tickets associated with them. I also created the SQL database scripts to resolve any database related issues. I created and maintained all Support tools/utilities. I was also the liaison between the Support, Development, Conversions and System Implementations departments.

I then supported Dentrix Ascend, Henry Schein Ones cloud Practice Management Software. Troubleshooting connection issues, multiple x-ray sensors, camera integrations and possible interrupting interactions through Google Chrome. I daily walked offices through simple actions and activities through the UI to complicated processes like creating custom reporting with powered by Pentaho. (

After Supporting that for a few years I moved up into Quality Assurance for Denrtix Ascends API. I work with JavaScript and Postman creating the needed requests and testing the API thus far giving feedback and creating tickets in TFS for any issues that need correcting. I'm also creating Example applications that show off the API with its many different abilities and options that are available.

Feburary 2012 - Present


Stevens Henager - Orem, Utah

Applied Science - Graphic Arts

Made the Dean’s List each quarter attended

August 2010 - April 2012


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Swift



I really enjoy creating apps or scripts that help people cut down on time and workloads. I also create and maintain apps in the App Store. When I'm not at a comnputer I love Anime, Minecraft, playing Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Awards & Certifications

  • Eagle Scout

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